In Pakistan, Prize Bonds are a popular form of investment among the masses, offering them the chance to win prizes through lucky draws while ensuring their capital remains secure. These bonds are issued and managed by the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) under the Ministry of Finance, Pakistan. Prize Bonds are available in various denominations to cater to different segments of society, including Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1,500, Rs. 7,500, Rs. 15,000, Rs. 25,000, and Rs. 40,000.

Banks Selling Prize Bonds in Pakistan:
Prize Bonds can be purchased and encashed across a wide network of banks in Pakistan. Some of the major banks where these bonds are available include:

  1. National Bank of Pakistan (NBP): Being one of the largest and most widespread banks in Pakistan, NBP offers a variety of services including the sale and purchase of Prize Bonds.
  2. Habib Bank Limited (HBL): HBL, one of the oldest and largest banks in Pakistan, also deals in Prize Bonds among its many customer services.
  3. United Bank Limited (UBL): UBL offers a range of financial products and services, including the facilitation of Prize Bonds transactions.
  4. Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB): MCB, known for its wide array of banking services, also enables customers to buy and cash Prize Bonds.
  5. Allied Bank Limited (ABL): ABL provides comprehensive banking services, including the sale and redemption of Prize Bonds.
  6. Bank Alfalah: Among the newer generation banks, Bank Alfalah also deals in Prize Bonds, catering to its diverse customer base.
  7. Askari Bank: Known for its innovative banking solutions, Askari Bank also sells Prize Bonds.

How to Purchase Prize Bonds:

  • Visit any branch of the banks mentioned above or a CDNS office.
  • Fill out the application form available at the bank/CDNS office.
  • Present a copy of your CNIC along with the form.
  • Pay the amount corresponding to the denomination of the Prize Bond(s) you wish to purchase.

Encashment of Prize Bonds:
Prize Bonds can be encashed at any branch of the State Bank of Pakistan, National Savings Centers, or designated commercial bank branches. If a bond wins a prize, it can still be encashed without any deduction, and it remains eligible for future draws unless specified otherwise by the State Bank of Pakistan.

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